About us

Rollmax Group Ltd. concluded a contract financed by the European Union Project name: BG-RRP-3.005-2580-C01

Recovery and Resilience Plan Procedure "Solutions in the field of information and communication technologies and cyber security in small and medium-sized enterprises"

Brief description of the project: ICT services/solutions for digital marketing, platforms, websites and mobile applications:

1. Creating an online store

2. Marketing in social media (social media marketing), including management of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Final recipient: "Rolmax Group" Ltd. Total value: BGN 20,000, of which 100% free financing.

Start: 06/05/2023

End: 06/05/2024

This publication was created with the financial support of the European Union - NextGenerationEU. All responsibility for the content is born by "Rollmax Group" OOD and under no circumstances can it be assumed that it reflects the official opinion of the European Union and the Ministry of Innovation and Growth.


Rollmax Group Ltd. started its operations in November 2017, focusing mainly on the import and wholesale trade of advertising materials.

Our collaborations Over a period of several years, our company has grown significantly, thanks to our staff, who have many years of experience in this field. After successful negotiations, we managed to win the trust of many manufacturers from Europe, China and Turkey. We have established lasting commercial relationships and partnerships with companies such as Grafityp, Digidelta, BoDo Industrial, Som, etc. We have focused on the development of the Bulgarian market in the field of advertising materials - PVC boards, Aluminum composite panels, Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, self-adhesive foils / advertising, for printing, protective, for sticking, etc. In a short period of time, we established ourselves firmly on the Bulgarian market.

Until now, we have 4 warehouses - Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and soon also in the city of Ruse.

The administration is located in Ruse.